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The Making of Snakes in Maine


I know, I know. The title is deceptive. But what do you do when something sticks? You go with it, or at least I did. People often think that Snakes in Maine is a thriller/horror in which the State of Maine is swarming with vipers and citizens are knee-deep in legless invertebrates.

The truth is, Snakes in Maine is a story about the deep and enduring friendship of two women living in backwoods Maine in the 1960’s. Sure, there’s a reptilian theme floating around, a bit of suspense. But in the end, there’s more humor than horror.

I threw together a chintsy little video about the writing process that eventually led to Snakes in Maine. In it, you’ll get to hear the original story as told by my father, Milton, and hopefully understand my mindset when I began writing the story.

What it doesn’t include is a blow-by-blow differentiation between the original story and what it evolved into. I’ll leave you hanging on that one. I will give a little hint though. The story my father tells is quite unlike the one contained within the pages of my book. While the base story is, at its heart, unchanged, I took a considerable amount of liberty when creating new events and characters.

Take a leap of faith. Check out my book!

Stacy Lash

Maine Author



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